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Medical Consultation


The Ashleigh Clinic sees around 12,000 patients every year, many of whom are people living within Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland. Patients are able to visit the clinic as an independent client, or on the NHS via GP referral. 

The Ashleigh Clinic is the choice of a number of GPs across the local area. If you would like to be referred to us then give us a call to see whether we are named on your GP’s list of approved suppliers. If we are not and you would like us to be, then we can speak to your GP to make the necessary arrangements for you.


To see Malcolm as mobile as this is almost overwhelming for both of us as we were told he may never walk on hard ground again. He finds visits to the Ashleigh Clinic very uplifting and he feels he is being cared for as a person and not as a number.

Mrs J Edwards, Leicester

I referred myself to the Ashleigh Clinic in April 2011 having suffered with knee pain for several months. The pain was such that my sleep was disrupted. I could not sit comfortably and walking and other physical activity were all painful. My GP had advised that it was probably arthritis and that I would have to learn to live with the pain using standard pain-relief medication. 

From the outset Craig was very helpful and positive and his approach in itself made a big difference. He explained that he felt that this was an old tendon injury which could be treated but that it would take some time. He offered advice about physical activity and exercise… what to do and what not to do, what would exacerbate the condition and what would help it… advice that I had not been given by anyone else. 

I must admit that I was sceptical at the outset, but a course of treatment was commenced and 4 months on I am virtually pain-free and much more mobile. I am able to do things again that I was beginning to think would not be possible and my quality of life has improved substantially.

J Rainer, Lutterworth

Nothing short of a miracle! Without a doubt I would never have though it was fortunate to have an accident!

Doreen, Leicester 

I get bad sciatica and a stiff neck from time to time and I have always found it hard to find a masseur who can get deep into the root of the problem. At the Ashleigh Clinic they really knew their stuff and managed to identify quickly the key areas that needed working on. It really helped to alleviate the pain for the longest time ever and I was really impressed.

Jo, Derby 

After years of suffering with a pain and bloated stomach, with very little relief from the many other treatments I've tried, I have been delighted with the results I have got in such a short space of time after my treatment at the Ashleigh Clinic. They were easily able to identify where my problems lie and through their recommendations and simple dietary changes I have made significant improvements in a matter of weeks. I can't thank them enough as I had thought there was never going to be a solution but I now feel better then I could have imagined.

Heather King (after one consultation) 

I really feel that the advice you gave me at our first meeting was so helpful and understandable that I'm not sure that I need to meet again, I'm getting on with the regime and it all makes such good sense. Thank you again for your help.


The nurses at Guys hospital are very interested in your work helping Lymphodema & cancer patients. For me its been an amazing breakthrough and my leg is better than it has been in four years. Thank you. I've already referred you two of my friends for the kinesiology testing and there are more on their way!

Sue Grant


To make an appointment please call 0116 270 7948 and speak to our reception staff or use our contact form to send us a message.

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