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Struggling with a herniated disc, bulging disc or sciatica?  


If standard hands-on treatment is not working, and you are wondering what your best option might be to avoid injections or surgery, we have a programme to get you out of pain and moving again.  


Here at the clinic we provide IDD Therapy Spinal Decompression as part of a specialist programme of care to get you back to health, effectively and safely. 


This advanced targeted treatment enables physiotherapists to decompress targeted spinal segments, easing pressure on nerves and improving mobility to address the causes of a herniated or bulging disc.

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The IDD Therapy treatment programme helps deal with the causes of the disc problem. Below are some common conditions we treat:

Herniated or Bulging Discs

Sciatica or nerve pain

Degenerative Disc Disease

Facet Joint Syndrome

Chronic back pain or neck pain


We have an IDD Therapy machine which patients lie on as part of the treatment.  It is computer controlled and perfectly comfortable.  


By decompressing (taking pressure off) an injured or bulging/herniated disc and gently stretching the soft tissues, we can improve mobility in the spine and allow the body’s natural healing mechanisms to operate more efficiently.

IDD Therapy is a gentle but dynamic treatment which is safe, non-invasive and suitable for people over the age of 18. The Ashleigh Clinic has been using IDD Therapy since 2013 and is part of a UK network of clinic providers.  There are over 2,000 systems globally. For more details about IDD Therapy, visit

"IDD Therapy is able to do so much more for my chronic back and neck pain patients as it targets specific spinal segments where discs are herniated (‘slipped’) - in a manner not possible with manual therapy and exercise or traditional traction. 


In the past, this type of chronic back pain patient would probably resort to invasive procedures - even surgery in some cases.  Now, IDD Therapy is there as an effective non-invasive option for them.”  

Craig Mortimer, Clinic Director


In August 2016 Lucy Drew was on a family break in Cornwall when she felt all-too-familiar shooting pain in her back. It was like being gripped in a vice, and all she could do was hobble back to the holiday cottage. In the days after, the spasms got worse, and she’d feel a numbness in her leg. She’d also wake in the night, crying out in agony.


Lucy thought there would be no end to her agony, but now she's finally found a cure. IDD Therapy treatment at the Ashleigh Clinic has rescued her back and helped her return to a normal life. Below you will find her before and after MRI scans and you can read the full story that was published in the WomanMagazine article. 


Typical candidates for IDD Therapy are people who have back or neck pain and may have tried various other treatments without success. They may be taking pain medication and may be considering invasive treatments such as injections or in extreme cases, surgery.

IDD Therapy is a great choice when:

Current treatment is not working.

You want to stop taking painkillers.

You are seeking long-term pain relief.

You want to return to normal daily activities.

If you have a back pain or neck pain issue, symptoms in the legs or arms, then come and see us for an expert opinion and to see which treatment you are most suitable for.


For more information or to book an IDD Therapy assessment please call 0116 270 7948 and speak to our reception staff or use our contact form to send us a message.

IDD Therapy treatment is one treatment tool we use and as part of your assessment we will advise you on the most applicable treatment for your individual needs.

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