If you’re a sports person at any level, achieving peak performance is a priority. The Ashleigh Clinic is the choice of many sporting clubs and associations and their players, including England and regional football, cricket and basketball clubs. For testimonies from some of the professionals we treat, please click here.

Many sports men and women visit the Ashleigh Clinic to prepare for a specific event, such as a match or a marathon, or for on-going help and advice to improve their long-term sporting performance.

Firstly we undertake a full biomechanical assessment to look at your flexibility, strength and co-ordination. We then develop a personalised exercise package to meet your specific needs, and which will ultimately improve your sporting performance. Your tailored programme directly reflects any problems, previous injuries or potential weaknesses, and is geared towards improving mobility, strength and stamina. It will also help to reduce the risk of future injury.

Our professional and experienced nutritionists can also provide tailored programmes and advice to help ensure that your nutrition is perfectly matched to your sporting requirements.

We also offer specialist advice and education on injuries in terms of how to avoid them, how to treat them urgently if they do happen, and what to do to ensure a full, speedy recovery.

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We offer food intolerance and other related tests.

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