The Ashleigh Clinic offers a specialist acute sports injury clinic. We also specialise in chronic (long-term) conditions and injuries either caused by sport, or which are preventing you from performing at your best. Our emphasis is on ensuring early treatment to aid faster recovery and getting you back to playing the sport that you love as quickly as possible. If you have just injured yourself then we guarantee to offer you an appointment within 48 hours of contacting us.

Our experienced physiotherapists first assess and diagnose the injury. We then offer a full explanation to help you understand the extent of the injury and how best to manage it to ensure rapid recovery.

Using state of the art equipment, facilities and physiotherapy expertise, your treatment will start on the first consultation and is tailored to the nature of your injury.

Our focus is on getting you back to full function as early as possible through a structured rehabilitation and treatment programme. We pay careful attention to the specific joint issue with your full functional recovery and choice of sport in mind.

Rehabilitation can typically be achieved within 6-8 sessions, but this can take longer for more severe injuries. We always encourage our patients to take part in their rehabilitation, and full participation can help to ensure a speedier recovery.

We specialise in helping all sporting individuals, from the amateur to the professional, and across the full range of sports.

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