All athletes can benefit from sports massage, regardless of their choice of sport.

Pre-event massage helps to warm up the athlete by increasing circulation and improving tissue flexibility in preparation for competition. This improves performance and reduces the risk of injury.

Inter-event massage is of particular help to athletes involved in sustained or intense periods of increased activity, such as tournaments lasting a day or longer. Massage can help with soreness and tension, as well as alleviating the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. Improving blood flow to the tissues increases oxygen in readiness for continued activity, and so improves performance and reduces the risk of injury as a result of fatigue.

Post-event massage helps in the recovery of fatigued tissues following high increased levels of activity. It helps to break down lactic acid which can otherwise lead to the delayed onset of muscle sourness (DOMS). This commonly leads to tender areas of tissue, sometimes with small areas of micro traumas (commonly known as ‘knots’). Post-event massage concentrates on these areas, breaking down the lactic acid and increasing blood flow, so that cells are able to recover and repair for continued physical activity.

At the Ashleigh Clinic, we combine sports massage techniques and remedial work with specific methods for helping with issues such as frozen shoulder, hamstring problems, and sciatica and other back-related problems. Deep tissue massage stretches and loosens muscle fibres that become tight and knotted through tension, injury and repetitive use, whilst trigger point therapy can be included in treatments where pressure points are worked on closely. Deep, sustained pressure is used on these points to release hyper-irritable spots and knots in tissue. This method helps to flush acids from the local area and releases those ‘feel-good’ endorphins into the blood stream.

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