Our pain management service specialises in bringing relief to people who have acute or chronic pain, which either has not been treated previously, or where treatment has failed to resolve the problem. Our services offer relief for pain experienced from head to toe, whether severe headaches or migraines, neck or back pain, or in joints such as knees or ankles.

Initially we undertake a full assessment and ascertain the cause of your pain, and develop a tailored treatment plan. This might include anything from physiotherapy and chiropractic services, to massage, injection therapy, acupuncture, or hypnotherapy – all of which are available from expert practitioners at the Ashleigh Clinic.

Injection therapy
We are qualified and experienced in delivering injection therapy. This is the treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders such as soft tissue and joints, through the injection of a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug delivered directly into the site of pain.

We also offer platelet-rich plasma injection therapy. We take some of the patient’s blood and separate the platelets using a centrifuge. This provides a high concentrate of the patient’s own plasma which is injected directly into the soft tissue injury. This approach is highly beneficial because it encourages the speed of local tissue repair, and the risk of adverse reactions or side effects is significantly minimised.

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Our specialist chiropractic expert can not only help to ease your pain, but also help to release stress and leave you feeling more re-energised as well.

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