If stress, anxiety, back or joint pain is influencing how you feel and getting in the way of your life, Chris Dowson can help you. Chris combines traditional chiropractic methods with McTimoney and zero balancing to offer a gentle and truly holistic treatment that can ease pain, release stress and tension, and balance your emotions, making you feel energized and ready to face your life again!

The entire process is a relaxing and re-energising experience. It lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and, for those experiencing joint and back pain, it offers a gentle and very effective alternative to Chiropractic or Osteopathy.

McTimoney chiropractic treatment is named after its British founder and engineer, John McTimoney. It is a more gentle form of chiropractic treatment and involves very light and swift hand movements. It helps bones to return to their correct position without forcing or stressing the joint or body, and is usually pain-free.

As McTimoney is so gentle, it is appropriate for all people of all ages, from birth to older age, as well as for pregnant women.

Like McTimoney, Zero Balancing is a gentle therapy. It uses finger pressure and gentle traction to relieve tension in joints, soft tissue and bones. It creates points of balance around which the body can relax and re-generate, helping to relieve tension, aches and pains, and stress.

Zero balancing helps the flow of energy in the body, improves the alignment of joints, and enables better posture. It can help to improve sleep and concentration and provide a much needed energy boost. Focusing on both body and mind, patients will often experience a sense of inner calm and balance after just one session.

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Our specialist chiropractic expert can not only help to ease your pain, but also help to release stress and leave you feeling more re-energised as well.

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